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Coaching is a refreshing way to take stock of our lives. It provides a safe, supportive and challenging space that enables the coachee to explore their own personal and professional development. A coach helps an individual to understand and eliminate barriers to more effective performance. The coach doesn't provide the answers or solutions. The success of the engagement rests with the coachee. 


When I coach, I use paraphrasing and reflecting back techniques so you can hear your own thoughts. It is not like a normal conversation. I don't offer advice or tell you what to do. The process enables you to find your own voice within your goals and make positive steps towards achieving them.  


I offer one to one coaching as well as group sessions. 

I trained to be a coach in 2017 with Relational Dynamics 1st, Lancaster. The training was funded by a - n, The Artists Information Company. In 2020, I recently completed Action Learning Set Facilitator training with the Action Learning Centre and became an accredited Clean Language coach. In 2021, I became part of the Relational Dynamics 1st Team and am currently a co - trainer. 


Over the last three years, I have worked with artists and creative professionals at g39, Cardiff’; Spike Island, Bristol; PEAK, Powys; Cardiff Metropolitan University; a – n The Artist Information Company; CAMP, Plymouth; Axis; Creative Scotland; Artquest; Space Studios and have a number of private clients. Currently I am working with CAMP, Plymouth; the Independent Cinema Office, and Coaching for Creatives as well as running Action Learning Sets with the NHS.  


Please be in touch if you have any questions about coaching or to book a session email on hollydavey(at)hotmail(dot)com 




Spike Island Associate, Bristol

"I had coaching with Holly Davey in the summer of 2019 and then a follow up in spring/summer 2020. Holly’s approach is supportive and friendly. She is professional and confidential yet made me feel at ease with her open and personal manner. Her combination of verbal and written prompts helped me to gain clarity about the professional questions I needed to unpick. She was generous in her suggestions and would also offer comments as a mentor, when she felt it was more valuable. Her flexible approach helped me think in depth about my practice and how to develop certain elements; and to value the skills and experience I have already in a way that I hadn’t necessarily before. She helped me very clearly identify how I want to develop the professional and making sides of my work as an artist. I’d recommend Holly as a warm and insightful coach."                                                                               


Freelance Artist


"Coaching with Holly has had a real positive effect in all aspects of my life. Holly has helped me to gain direction and to address the balance between confidence and anxiety. Through the sessions I have learnt what I need in my life to help me manage situations and to feel mentally and physically healthier. I have learnt techniques which help me to balance negative and positive risk. The sessions have enabled me to come to terms with investing in myself and understanding how this has benefits which reach far and wide, in both a work and personal capacity. I feel like doors have opened for me socially and professionally and that I can continue to apply these learnt methods and outlooks in my life going forward. At a time that is so uncertain, coaching with Holly has helped me to gain a sense of positivity and opportunity for the future."                                                                                                   


g39 Staff


"At g39 we are a small team of artists punching above our weights to run an art gallery and resource for artists. Our sessions with Holly have helped us to look at how we can sustainably offer the support that artists need while looking after our own wellbeing. With the help of Holly’s clear approach to the coaching methodology, we have been able to identify as a team where the main challenges are and begin addressing them, sometimes with some relatively simple but effective steps. Holly’s understanding of the creative environment we work in and the needs artists have has been valuable in getting to the heart of the questions. We all work part-time but the time we gave over to our sessions with Holly was definitely worthwhile."




Spike Island Associate, Bristol

"I had a series of mentor sessions with Holly a few months ago and I felt that the process was very helpful for me and my art practice. I needed help with organising myself and my workflow in order to streamline my practice. I also needed assistance with my confidence in writing applications. After four sessions, which were dispersed over a few months, Holly helped me discover more effective ways to approach my work. I also identified the obstacles that were hindering my ability to write applications and have since seen a vast improvement. I accomplished the desired goals from Holly's coaching sessions. Holly provides a safe space and is a good listener and coach."



Wing – Sie Chan

Programmes and Partnership Manager, a -n The Artist Information Company, UK

"Holly Davey has been working with a-n The Artists Information Company as a coach since 2017 when she first trained to become an accredited coach with us through our Visual Arts Coaching Course in partnership with RD1st. Holly has since been working with us to offer the benefits of coaching to the wider a-n membership, providing a safe, confidential, developmental space within which to explore specific issues (either known, or as they arise), aspirations and challenges. Holly will continue working with a-n in the current annual iteration of our Coaching programme, bringing vital support to those seeking change, a shift in gear and renewed focus."


Ellie Barrett

Director, Graft, Newcastle

"My coaching sessions with Holly began at a pivotal time for me and offered much needed guidance. I found the coaching techniques to be extremely valuable, as not only did they help me to navigate areas that I found challenging, but they unearthed points of discussions and solutions that emerged from my own experience and knowledge with Holly as a guide. I have been able to put the outcomes of my coaching sessions into practice as I develop the arts organisation that I co-run, and I feel empowered that I can overcome challenges and act upon my aims and values as an individual."

Further References and testimonials on request

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