A Script for an Archive

Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London, 2020

A Script for an Archive is a solo exhibition at Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London that investigates the way we archive and why we collect? A film script is central to the exhibition and takes the reader through a series of questions and reflections that triggers thoughts of existence, memory and absence. The viewer is able to wander through sculptural fragments of the script, both models and large scale, inhabiting the incomplete film set and becoming part of the production process.


Curator, Tessa Jackson’s essay explores this further: http://www.daniellearnaud.com/exhibitions/pdf/LeafletHollyDavey.pdf


There were two artist meet and greet sessions as part of the exhibition. Unfortunately, a reading of the script had to be postponed due to COVID – 19.

7. Holly Davey Untitled 2020 Plywood pla
4. Holly Davey Prop no.1 & Prop no.2 Pho
5. Holly Davey Skirt 2020 Pattern paper
8. Holly Davey Jacket 2020 pattern paper
1. Holly Davey A Script for an Archive 2
3. Holly Davey A Script for an Archive 2
2. Holly Davey Set Model no.4 2020 Red l
6. Holly Davey Flats 1 - 12 2018 Plywood

All exhibition images © Oskar Proctor