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Here Is Where We Came From

Plymouth Museum, 2016

Here Is Where We Came From, an installation inspired by Lee Miller’s photograph of a bombed out church during the Blitz, as well as the rich history of Plymouth’s wartime experience. Working with ideas around objects, collection and memory, Here Is Where We Came From considers the museum’s role as witness to the city’s history and a place where its futures are imagined. The sculpture installed at Plmouth City Museum and Art Gallery transforms a glass cabinet traditionally used to display ceramics into a metaphor for Plymouth’s devastation in the Blitz, the city’s postwar reconstruction, and a twenty-first century vision of Plymouth as a city of culture.


This is a commission from Plymouth Arts Centre in partnership with Plymouth City Council (Arts and Heritage) for the History Centre.  Part two will take many of this sculpture's themes and transform them into a major public art commission for the facade of Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery, pointing towards the museum's future as it closes its doors for redevelopment in the Autumn, 2016.


Due to unforeseen circumstances part two was unable to go ahead. 

Holly Davey Here Is Where We Came From,
Holly Davey Here Is Where We Came From,
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