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Roll Credits...

g39, Cardiff, 2018

Roll Credits... was a performance event on the last day of The Conversation. Four artists working with text had been invited to respond to the work within the exhibition and perform these pieces within the installation.

Artists included: Freya Dooley & Cinzia Mutigli, Alison Gibb, Bruno Diaz, and Sam Perry.

Genuine Fake performed during Roll Credits..., is an ongoing collaboration between Holly Davey and Bruno Diaz. It is a dialogue between text and photography and explores the relationship between real and fictional memories. An excerpt was included in Emily Speed's recent publication, Terracotta

Holly Davey and Bruno Diaz, Geninue Fake
Roll Credits..., Alison Gibb, Image Cred
Holly Davey and Bruno Diaz, Geninue Fake
Audience Reading as part of Roll Credits
Roll Credits..., Freya Dooley and Cinza
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Photo Credit: Joe Moody

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